Frequently Asked Questions

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy at the Salt & Wellness Centre is 60-minute session where you relax in a salt therapy room. We use a specialised medical device that produces salty air at a controlled, low salt content (percentage). The device treats airflow and circulates the resulting salty air into our therapy rooms. Patients sit comfortably in our therapy rooms for each 60 minute treatment session, breathing in the salty air. Children watch cartoons, read or play with toys on the salt-covered floor – just like on a beach! But our clients don’t have to do anything at all: the key is breathing in the salty air. Tiny salt particles are inhaled into the nose, throat, lungs, airways that do many things. Salt kills bacteria, so it treats infection, inflammation inside respiratory system. Salt absorbs moisture and reducing excessive mucus and therefore clearing airways. Salt is a natural anti-histamine treating allergy, hayfever, skin allergies – especially for environmental reactions. All of this helps you breathe better. Salt particles are natural negative ions which are plentiful in seaside air, in the mountains or after a big thunderstorm. Negative ions give the body a boost of energy, increases sense of well-being, reducing stress, depression, basically making us feeling better.

What is a salt therapy room?

The Salt & Wellness Clinic therapy rooms mimic the famous underground natural salt mines in Central Europe. The walls and floor are covered with salt: in fact, there are over two tons of salt. This keeps the air in the treatment areas sterile. It is said that air in salt therapy rooms is more sterile than in a hospital’s operating theatre. There is a medical device, which produces salty air at a controlled, low salt contents (percentage). The device flows and circulates the salty air into therapy room. The temperature, humidity are kept at comfortable levels. Patients sit, relaxing in therapy room for 60 minutes (each treatment session), breathing in the salty air.

Is the first session really free, for everybody?

Everybody receives first session free to try out the therapy. We offer this because we are so confident that you will love it and benefit so much from the treatment that you will definitely return!

Do I have to wear special clothes?

Not at all. Please wear normal clothes that you are comfortable in – this is all about you relaxing! Do bear in mind that you will probably be dusted with a bit of salt, which can be brushed off easily. We provide plastic shoe covers and hairnets to keep salt in therapy rooms clean – and so you don’t have to wash your hair after a session.

Are mobile phones allowed inside the therapy room?

No: mobiles are not allowed. We ask that clients leave mobile phones outside in their lockers. The peace and tranquility of the salt therapy atmosphere is really vital. Mobiles ringing or people talking on the phones are very disruptive for other people’s experience.

What do I need to do after a therapy session?

Drink plenty of water before and after your salt therapy session. Remember, it is normal to experience an increase of coughing and mucus discharge for a few days after a salt room session – although it doesn’t happen every time.

Any possible side effects?

In some cases clients may experience a dry or tickly throat and increased coughing during and after treatment. This is an absolutely natural part of the process. The pollution and mucus accumulated over time will be loosened and expelled from even the deepest parts of your respiratory system. The side effects reduce and cease as pollution and pathogens are cleared. Skin irritation and increased dermal sensitivity may also occur. Some patients may have watery eyes due to irritation of the mucous lining of the eyes during Salt Therapy sessions but this alleviates quickly.

How soon can I experience improvement?

How you react to treatment in the Salt Therapy room is different from person to person. Some people feel better immediately, even after just one first session. Some people need a few sessions before they notice any difference. Your health, smoking history, environment and more all play a part in how you respond to treatment.

How often do I need to attend salt therapy sessions?

We recommend 2 – 3 sessions per week over a few weeks initially. Depending how you feel, you can reduce the frequency, take an extended break or even stop altogether.

Do people without respiratory conditions benefit from salt therapy?

Absolutely! Many of our regular clients do not have any respiratory conditions. They find that by coming here regularly they do not catch colds or cough as much as they used to. Sportspeople also regularly attend. They find salt therapy improves their breathing and their training and performance results too.

Do you do refunds?

We do not offer refunds. A benefit of our free first visit is that you can experience the treatment before you buy. However, our salt therapy packages have no expiry dates. Your package is transferable and can be used by family members or friends.

Does salt therapy help people with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

Yes, we have many people with COPD conditions coming to us. They find that after a number of sessions, they feel better, breathe better and can start enjoying normal activities (going out, walking, exercising, etc) without getting exhausted or as short of breath as they used to.

Do children stay in the salt therapy room on their own?

Each child must be accompanied by an adult. The upside of this is that the accompanying adult gets to enjoy and benefit from the treatment too! Especially if the adult has their own respiratory condition, you essentially get two for the price of one.

Is food or drink allowed inside the salt therapy room?

No. You cannot bring food or drinks into our salt therapy rooms. The environment is sterile and needs to be keep uncontaminated. You can always take a break and go out of the room during your session to eat or drink before going back in.

What do people do during salt therapy session?

Relax! Many people enjoy reading or listening to music. Some people fall asleep. We discourage people from talking loudly and using mobile phones as it disturbs the tranquil atmosphere in the room. Mobile phones should be left in the lockers outside of therapy room. Or if you want to use your phone to listen to music (on headphones please) you can do so if you turn your phone to Airplane Mode so as not to disturb others, and yourself!

Our famous Salt & Wellness Clinic is based in Bexleyheath, Kent, just outside London. We offer one-hour salt therapy treatments for people and children suffering from respiratory and skin conditions. Salt therapy is beneficial for a range of conditions including asthma, COPD, sinusitis, hayfever, rhinitis, coughs, colds, influenza, bronchitis, respiratory infection, eczema, psoriasis, breathlessness, and more.

In our comfy salt therapy rooms, a specialised medical machine creates and circulates salty air throughout the room. Over time, salt has accumulated on the floor and walls,surrounding you just like in a natural salt mine. With relaxing music (or bring your own player!) this allows you to comfortably breathe in salty air and experience the therapeutic benefits. Salt therapy is a common, natural treatment in eastern and central Europe. Now you get to experience it right here in London!

Once in your lungs and airways the minute salt particles can help you in many beneficial ways. Salt kills bacteria and helps clear infection and inflammation. Salt absorbs moisture and excess mucus: clearing your airways and making breathing easier. Salt is a natural anti-histamine so it can assist you with hayfever, allergies and other environmental-reactive conditions.

We are so confident in our therapy that we offer the first visit for a small fee of £5. Once you try it and see how marvellous it is, we offer a starter package of 3 sessions for £50.

We have a range of wellness treatments that complement our Salt Therapy. Thai massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, sound healing, yoga and aromatherapy are available. Please book in advance.

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At our Salt & Wellness Centre we are so confident in our therapy that we offer the first visit for a small fee of £5. Once you try it and see how marvellous it is, we offer a full range of prices and options. Find out more and make a booking here.